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Further to the article in the MEN, you will note there is NOT a single client complaint or client comment, in the absence of a complaint, what is this article really about?

Without a single client complainant why did reporter Dan Thompson launch a 'special investigation' with the express aim of causing maximum damage to a business with a 5 year track record and no complaints?

As the article states 'It is not illegal for them to run the new business' the motivation for this attack must be malicious.

How does an honest reporter carrying out a 'special investigation' not speak to a single client of the business or ask to see the 500+ client testimonials we had in the office? That's because his 'investigation' was dishonest and not genuine, he had a predetermined outcome to help his friend Mike Linnell of Linnell Publications and Lifeline Project who was threatened by our business helping addicts to get clean. This devastating damage to our reputation was at the hands of a corporate rival.

Mike Linnell of the Lifeline Project who claims to help addicts is a LIAR as he was cause of the smear against New Ways Clinics who were helping addicts become drug-free, he did so to protect his job, drugs services contract and worthless publications. Fortunately there are laws for lawful means conspiracy which are part of ‘economic torts’.'The court looks at the overt acts of the conspiracy and infers from those acts that there was agreement to further the common object of the combination. It is sufficient that two or more persons combine with the necessary intention or that they deliberately co-operate, albeit tacitly, to achieve a common endthe tort is complete only if the agreement is carried into effect so as to damage the claimant'. 

How did Dan Thompson even become aware of us and why launch such a 'front page' news attack? If his LIES are true, where are all the complainants?

If his article was true, the matter would have been referred to the police for prosecution but it wasn't, as there is no evidence of any wrong doing, only 500+ client testimonials praising our help and treatment methods. As its not true, then that means their story is complete LIES which was done with the sole or predominant purpose of injuring our business. A well-run smear campaign can have a profound and long-lasting effect on an organisation or an individual’s reputation.

So, how much was Dan Thompson paid to do this?

Our treatment has literally saved people lives, without our treatment they would be dead, just think about that for a minute and their actions to stop people getting help.

At the time of the article we had over 500+ legally verified client testimonials, yet according to reporter Dan Thompson & his mate Mike Linnell it's 'snake oil' but they have no evidence to substantiate their claims, only more LIES to aid their conspiracy.

Dan Thompson & Mike LInnell's LIES, DECEPTION, DECEIT and Bogus Article to stop people who need help is a wicked and despicable act.

On the 5th February 2016 we received a client testimonial which illustrates this point:

'I also had daily patches of deep depression when I would cry hysterically and have hallucinations of ways to commit suicide. Several times I wrapped a belt round my neck and searched around the house for somewhere to hang myself, or if out walking I would see myself stepping out in front of a car..' if this client had read the lies and smears about the treatment she would not have sort our help and would now be dead.

Dan Thompson would prefer that people kill themselves rather than seek our help as the article remains online to stop people from using our services. We don't know how many people have killed themselves in the 5 years because of his lies, distortions and half truths.

This is why the press needed a complete overhaul as pre Leveson rogue journalist like Dan Thompson were free to make up what they liked. Dan Thompson of the Manchester Evening News and Mike Linnell of Linnell Publications who peddle LIES and of Lifeline Project Suite 2A Basil Chambers 65 High Street Manchester M4 1FS are LIARS. This is only actionable if it's not true, so please come and sue me Antoni Wilk.

As an example of their blatant lies at no time have we ever claimed to 'cure addicts', it's a complete LIE.

Their article is LIES & A SMEAR CAMPAIGN to discredit me and the business, and to stop people who need help with drug and alcohol issues from using our treatment services to get clean, it's a wicked and despicable act. But why? Because people like Mike Linnell make money from addicts and keeping them on drugs.

As stated by Dr Dalrymple author of 'Junk Medicine Doctors, Lies & Addiction Bureaucracy' says 'The bureaucracy of drug addiction needs drug addicts far more than drug addicts need the bureaucracy of drug addiction'. The addiction industry continues to perpetuate the addiction myth to protect its own existence. As a result, 'a self-serving, self-perpetuating and completely useless bureaucracy has built up to deal with the problem' which Mike LInnell is part of.

Lies & Smear Campaign
At the time Mike Linnell worked (later sacked) for the drugs charity Lifeline Project (who spend 67% of their income on themselves and have been "exposed" by the press, condemned by politicians and warned by the police) have a £6m per annum contract with Manchester council to provide drug 'support services' to addicts. In June 2010 we were also in contact with Manchester council to use our drug detox treatment as an alternative to help addicts get clean and become drug-free. This is obviously a direct threat to the useless drug maintenance programs run by Lifeline. Mike Linnell came to visit our clinic in July 2010 pretending to be a drug addict and asking questions about our treatment and plans to make the treatment widely available and free to addicts with council funding.

Mke Linnell was worried about our plans and the direct threat to his job and his junk publications if we got the contract so contacted his mate at the Manchester Evening News Dan Thompson to write an article so damning that no one would use our service and the business would close as they had conspired before.

Dan Thompson then launched a 'special investigation' (for an undisclosed payment or as a favour) into a business with a 5 year track record and no complainants, the word 'special' meaning 'he ignored all the evidence and the facts and lied to sensationalise his article to close a legal and legitimate business'.

At the same time in November 2010 Mike Linnell setup UK DrugWatch to peddle more lies about addiction, so it clear why he wanted us out of the way as our treatment disproves his lies about addiction. As stated by Dr Dalrymple, Mike Linnell efforts are based around maintaining the drug problem for addicts not helping them to become drug-free.

Mike Linnell was later sacked from the Lifeline Project for misconduct in February 2014 after which he couldn't get a proper job in the industry and started his own leaflet business called Linnell Communications from his front room at 35 Guest Road in Prestwich M25 3DJ with the grand title of 'managing director' printing flyers with information obtain from the internet for 8p a copy. Karma at its best.

Their 'malicious' MEN article is a 'smear campaign' and nothing more, they have provided no evidence to support their claims and allegations and had no complaints yet the MEN still refuse to remove the 'untrue and malicious' article providing clear evidence of 'actual malice' to stop people who need help from using our treatment services to become drug-free.

Rule of Law
The rule of law is the idea that all laws and government actions conform to principles. These principles include equal application of the law: everyone is equal before the law and no person is above the law, including those in power. Another is no person is punishable in body or goods without a breach of the law: as held in Entick v Carrington, unless there is a clear breach of the law, persons are free to do anything, unless the law says otherwise; thus, no punishment without a clear breach of the law.

Our claim amounts to one of 'conspiracy, economic torts, and harassment'. Dan Thompson & Mike Linnell conspired to cause maximum damage to our business which resulted severe financial damage and loss, this harassment continues by way of daily internet publication. The court can make an order or injunction that the person or company harassing you must stop their behaviour. If they don’t stop harassing you after the court has made an injunction against them, it's a criminal offence and they can be prosecuted in the criminal courts.

I welcome a 'full hearing' into this article as Dan Thompson and Mike Linnell are LIARS and have serious questions to answer regarding their CONSPIRACY, LIES, SMEARS and MALICIOUS INTENT to close a legitimate business. This is only actionable if it's not true, so please come and sue me Antoni Wilk.

Mirror Group Loses Appeal over Damages
The company argued the £1.25m it was told to pay in total was "out of all proportion" to the harm done but In the Court of Appeal judgement, Lady Justice Arden said there were no mitigating circumstances "at all". "They appear to have been totally uncaring about the real distress and damage to relationships caused by their callous actions." Daily Mirror publisher Trinity Mirror also indicated that it would be increasing its provision to deal with civil claims from £28m to £41m. James Heath, of Atkins Thomson, which represented the claimants in the litigation, said it had "taken great courage" for the eight victims to "hold their nerve and persevere against the largest newspaper publisher in this country".

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